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A Simple Guide To Understanding Jet Engines

This is a simple black and white guide.

Nothing complicated.

It is ideal for the would-be Aviation Engineer to the Experienced Engineer who needs a refresher.

Pilots, students and anyone who has an interest in aviation can pick this book up and, in no time, have enough understanding to satisfy the most pedantic examiner.

Written with over thirty years experience of lecturing in aviation maintenance and systems to an international body of students, this volume is essential reading for anyone who wants to learn about jet engines.

This book can be read for knowledge, curiosity or just for the sheer enjoyment of it.


......excerpt from Chapter 1

How Does It Work?

Some History

A couple of thousand years, or more, ago some Greek geek, improbably called ‘Hero’, invented a toy.

Sadly, the potential was never realised at that time and Columbus resorted to using a sailing ship to discover America rather than getting the Pan Am Clipper.


hero image

Hero’s Engine used water.  He added energy (heat) to the water to change its state from liquid to gas.  Gas takes up more room than liquid and so the gaseous water [Ed: NOT steam] came hurtling out of the tank.  The reaction spun the tank and everyone clapped like mad and said “Wow!  Yeah!  Are you going on to Archi’s place afterwards?”


archie image


The reaction is well known and one which you will have experienced from time to time.  Garden sprinklers are a famous analogy.  And firemen.  Did you ever want to be a fire-person?

Have you ever thought about what happens when you hurl lots of (heavy) water at high speed in one direction?

fireperson image


Speed and Direction = Velocity

Velocity x Mass = Momentum

How does this happen?  What is this mysterious reaction?

(Please do not bother the local Fire Brigade, they will have quite enough to do without coming to your aid with sundry experiments.)

For your first experiment you will need a pair of roller skates*, a golf-ball and a sheep.  [* In-Line skates, or roller blades, will suffice.  Do not go to unnecessary expense on my account - which is empty.]

................................excerpt from Chapter 1



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